Successful Women Leaders in VC discuss the current funding environment. Women in VC are an inspiration to those searching for funding and those involved in the VC investment process at any stage or level. That is why under our initiative European Women in VC we started a series of online interviews with our prominent community members – to inspire, educate and share!

Kinga Stanislawska, the Founder of the Community, as head of the project in interesting business discussions about her guests opinions on the future of the investment market

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  • Cecile Blilious, Head of Impact & Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital

    Cecile Blilious

    Cecile is the Head of Impact & Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, Israel’s largest VC, where she is responsible for adapting the worlds of ESG and the SDGs to the framework of mainstream venture capital. Cecile has extensive experience in the combination between the impact and technology worlds for almost 20 years. Previously, Cecile was the Founder and Managing Partner of Impact First Investments, Israel's first impact investing company

  • Gosia Karas, Investment Vice President at SoftBank Group

    Gosia Karas

    Dr. Gosia Karas is an Investment Vice President at SoftBank Group, where she leads investments into Memphis Meats , Fetch, Konfio, AlphaCredit, and Loggi. Prior to joining SoftBank, Gosia was a Senior Associate at a large cap private equity firm Onex in New York. She started her career at Bain & Company. Gosia graduated summa cum laude from Warsaw School of Economics as a valedictorian of her class. She holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the same institution, as well as an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School

  • Leesa Soulodre, General Partner at R3i Ventures

    Leesa Soulodre

    Leesa Soulodre is a General Partner at R3i Ventures living in Singapore, supporting many of the world's most promising early-stage deep tech companies in accelerating their growth is actively engaged in pioneering healthtech, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, fintech, cleantech, smart city, and IoT technologies. She advises as an Entrepreneur in Residence/Mentor for Government High Commissions and Accelerators soft landing high growth deep tech and #medtech companies into the Asia Pacific and European Union. And most of all she is a champion for responsible investment. Correction: Singapore food security by 2030 (!) not 3030

  • Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, founding partner of Crowberry Capital

    Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir

    About women in venture capital, VC business ran just by women and taking a stage as the top Nordic VC promoting diversity investment. How to connect the Nordics with Central and Easter Europe all in the conversation between Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, founding partner of Crowberry Capital and Kinga Stanisławska from Experior Venture Fund.

  • Laura González-Estéfanii - the founder and CEO of TheVentureCity

    Laura González-Estéfanii

    Laura González-Estéfanii - the founder and CEO of TheVentureCity, a venture accelerator designed to make the global entrepreneurial ecosystem more diverse, international and accessible to fair capital. Laura accelerates the growth of promising, early-stage startups in need of advice and support, empowers high-growth companies raising capital, and helps established companies reset to a more dynamic mindset. Her work extends across European, Latin American and U.S. innovation hubs. Since founding TheVentureCity in 2017, Laura has supported 37 companies through its Growth Program and an additional 20 companies through its first fund. She’s grown the reach of TheVentureCity to campuses in Miami and Madrid, as well as offices in San Francisco and Sao Paulo!

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